Snow Leopard Bricked My Rocket Stick – Rogers charges $500.00

By , September 2, 2009 11:44 pm

RogersleopardbrickAbout 2 weeks ago (20 days ago specifically) I picked up a Rogers Rocket Stick from a Rogers Reseller before an event I was organizing for HomeStars. It is now bricked and unusable because I upgraded my operating system to Snow Leopard.

While I write this blog post I have been on hold with Rogers for over 3 hours, and finally got through to a Rogers representative who has put me on hold again. She has told me that it is my fault that I upgraded my operating system and that, unfortunately, my useless Rocket Stick is now my responsibility. If I want to cancel my service, which I can’t use because I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard, I’ll have to pay a $500 cancellation fee.

Just to put this in context, Snow Leopard is not a sudden and unexpected move from Apple. Developers have had plenty of time to make sure their software is compatible. There were a few applications on my computer that I’ve had to upgrade this week (for free) because of my Snow Leopard OS upgrade, and all have gone smoothly.

The Rogers sales rep told me that it was my fault that I upgraded, and unfortunately I have to suffer the consequences. (blaming your customer is never good customer service). She also said it was up to the folks at Sony Ericsson, and that it was not in Rogers control. Anyone who has worked with Rogers knows the dynamic between supplier and carrier. If Rogers wants to make it work, Sony Ericsson will make it work – they have global customers at stake, outside of Rogers.

What this says for innovation in Canada is appalling. But the important point is that there is no excuse for Rogers not to have the Rocket Stick fix in their back pocket right upon the Snow Leopard release. With the iPhone partnership, Rogers should be keeping well up to date with Apple’s updates, and have as much hardware compatibility as possible. The Rocket Stick, to Rogers, is the vision of the future – connectivity everywhere. It should work with the latest and greatest software by the second most deployed operating system globally. No excuses!

(and no reason, of course, to be on hold for 3 hours before talking to a sales rep! – but that’s another blog post)

Update: Actually you’d think I’d have more of an update. But a Rogers tech support agent (actually it seemed like a fairly senior one) did get in touch with me. I sent him an update by email last Thursday the 3rd of September. So far nothing back. Will continue to update as the situation progresses.

Update (October 16): Apologies for the late update, but about 2 weeks ago Rogers solved the problem. Turns out there are many types of Rocket Sticks, and the old one didn’t work on Snow Leopard. I’ve now been upgraded to a ZTE version, and it’s working fine. Have to give some Kudo’s to Rogers, but I did get a significant hit on my bill for the upgrade. Ouch!

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  1. Mike Martin says:

    I agree it’s ridiculous Rogers wouldn’t have accounted for Snow Leopard’s release. I’m sure you’re not the only one in this boat.

    The $500 cancellation fee also seems a bit extreme. I know it’s a standard Rogers cancellation fee and I can understand having a fee like that for a smart phone service, given the price of a smart phone, but there’s no way the Rocket Stick hardware should be costing them anywhere near that.

    I hope this has some kind of happy resolution for you.


  2. brians says:

    I’m hoping so too. They are supposed to call me today to try and resolve it. I’ve also got a note in to my dealer who I bought it from. So we’ll see what happens.

  3. Tuiliq says:

    It may not be bricked; the drivers aren’t compatible with Snow Leopard.

    I have a Rocket Stick too, and it died when I installed Snow Leopard. I then read your post, which caused me to feel ill. But I thought a little snooping about would be in order. I have a MacBook for lab use, and it’s still running 10.5.8. I plugged the Rocket Stick in, ran the install software, made the GSM settings changes … and, glory be, it worked.

    So mine, at least, is not bricked. You’re probably seeing the excruciatingly bad Rogers service more than anything else. I notice they’ve issued a new, faster Rocket Stick that is supposed to be plug-and-play. Can’t say if it is or not, but I DO notice that most if not all references to the old model have been removed from their FAQs and knowledge base. So this tells me their not-so-well-trained staff are probably just doing searches in the knowledge base and reading off what they find.

    I’m betting your Rocket Stick is OK.

    Now, to find a driver for Snow Leopard is going to be a bit harder.

  4. brians says:

    So a little update, which if it happens, I’ll write into new blog post. Rogers is sending me the new Rocket Stick. I understand this one works in Snow Leopard. It’s supposed to arrive in my office tomorrow so I’ll update if it’s all working again with proper drivers. Maybe it’ll be faster too!

  5. Colleen Williamson says:

    Snow Leopard and Rogers Mobile Internet Rocket Stick Solution: 10 hours it took me to find this answer. Go to the ATT site go under support. on the left hand side you will see that ATT has the download for Snow Leopard,well at least the OPTION software.aka Globe Trotter connect) Rogers is advising people to download the version for 10.4 and 10.5 which is for Tiger and Leopard not Snow Leopard. once you remove the wrong version from Rogers. install the version from ATT. Then go to Globe Trotter (may work for Sony Ericcson, worth a shot) go under Globe Trotter Prefences click on Network. Under Edge/GPRS/3 G Network enter the following User id: wapuser1 password:wap. Do not click on reset or it wont work. just close the window. Your window will go from No Card Found to Searching for Network to Rogers Connect. Should work fine. But a lot of valuable time wasted. I contacted Rogers Tech Support and Complaint Department and gave them this information. Slow to react.

  6. Judith Revel says:

    Bell’s turbo stick did the same when I updated to snow leopard and she told to uninstall snow leopard. I didn’t why should I.
    Rogers called yesterday because I bought an iPhone and I tether it. They said would I be interested in getting the Rocket stick and I asked if it would work with Snow Leopard and they didn’t really know. He said I 15 days to try it out and if it didn’t work bring it back. They should know this don’t you think. I just stick with the iPhone.
    I still had to pay a penalty at Bell for cancelling the service. I really think these companies should keep up to date. I have a Mac and she said the turbo stick would work with Windows 7 when they upgrade. I wonder if it will. Thanks for answering my question about the rocket stick.

  7. Bill Sweets says:

    Rodgers the dodger are well known for their coniving — I purchased an open contract paid $200 plus for the stick and the reception was awful kept complaining to well you know the proceedure kept stalling with excuses — decided to cancel return the stick and ask for my $200 back– no way they tell me a month has passed so no returns I’m left with a useless stick and they even had the nerve to send me a bill for the time a good outfit to stay clear of IMO

  8. brians says:

    You should call them and get the new stick. There are now different rocket sticks, and the KDE sticks works with Snow Leopard.

  9. Amanda says:

    When I bought mine in April, I had a month to change my mind and bring it back for no charge. This was in Ottawa.

  10. [...] move forward for Rogers. This morning I watched part of a West Wing episode on my Rocket Stick (yes, it’s working now) and both that product and this shows that Rogers is ready and willing to cannibalize it’s [...]

  11. Tim says:

    I bought my rocket stick in July never worked right since i got it had to restart computer or unplug the stick up to 10 times a day.i finally called them because i had enough They replaced the stick all was good i thought until i got a $950.00 bill because i was not informed about the cap being changed from $100-$500 they said they sent it in a text mess.well of course i didn’t see the new mail icon pop up because i had the stick set up on a computer by it self.I did this because if i used it in the computer i use for everything else my phone would get all choppy (magicjack)and all the restarting i missed it and when i put the new stick in with the same sim card the mess was not showing up So i am guessing the file system is different.The mess. between the 2 sticks are different with the same sim.Now they want this money and $400 on top of it to cancel the contract.Well lets go back to Nov. I got a letter from the manufacture saying the rocket stick i purchased did not meet the Radio Industry Standards Act. So as far as i am concerned there should be not a contract period for something that should not have been sold.But do they care nope they don’t they say it’s not there problem speak to the manufacture well i didn’t buy it from the manufacture i bought it from a Rogers store.There has to be many people out there with this same or close problem and something has to be done to stop these crooks!!!!

  12. brians says:

    So we needed another rocket-stick for a work project, and the folks at Best-Buy sell us what they call ‘the best and newest’ Rocket stick out there, which turns out to be the same old one that I ended up having to return. Rogers still doesn’t seem to have this problem under control. The Sony Ericsson one still doesn’t work on Snow Leopard. It’s disappointing.

  13. Dave says:

    Rogers is just another telcom whose motto is “the customer is always wrong.” No point boycotting Rogers–they are all the same. I lost the job I needed the Rocket stick for so I tried to return it. $500!

  14. Melanie says:

    Do you still have this old one? And, if so, do you want to sell it? I’m looking for this exact stick, am balking at the price that Rogers wants, but cannot find an economical alternative. I only need it for a few hours on each of 5 or 6 days over this summer, and would be interested in saving some $ if you have it and want to get rid of it. Please let me know.

  15. brians says:

    It’s been a while, so I don’t think I still have it around. I will, however, take a peek around my old tech collection and see whether it’s there. There’s some good products at WindMobile that are similar including the PocketHotspot and the WindSpeed E366. These days I tend to just use my cell phone and turn it on portable hot spot mode and just use that. If you are looking for something for travelling around the city, that covers both bases.

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